Pac-Dent is changing the way you polish teeth with the introduction of ProMate CL. Designed with the clinician in mind, it eliminates cord drag and is 20% lighter than industry-leading handpieces, increasing mobility and decreasing hand and wrist fatigue. 

Made with the Clinician in Mind

Cordless design eliminates drag and increases mobility

Dual-Mode Control

Ergonomic, quick-touch button and Bluetooth-powered foot pedal

Ultralight Construction

20% lighter than industry- leading low-speed handpieces

Universal Compatibility

Use all your favorite disposable prophy angles

Extraordinary Performance

Comparable to air driven handpieces

Amazing Battery Life

Battery that works as hard as you can

Listen to what the professionals say.

"The weight is perfectly balanced and it features a silicone grip that helps me feel completely in control as I maneuver through the different sextants of the mouth."

--- Amber Metro-Sanchez, RDH

What's included in the kit?

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Lube free motor requiring no maintenance... Learn More


Replaces the grip for color coding and personalization...Learn More

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